Embrace the power of data through the lens of HookCam

Our Analytics subscription brings you state of the art machine-learning capabilities through a closed circuit, dedicated connection to the operator

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Why Choose HookCam Analytics?

This service works in conjunction with our wireless camera system, HookCam, and provides you with operational data through productivity reports that we gather using the crane camera's metrics


Real Time

Operator video in the cab is in real-time


Your data is encrypted and password protected


Can be utilized by multiple users on different devices, with a separate stream for management reporting

Enhanced Performance

Cloud-based technology, unlimited bandwidth, GPS, accelerometer, and more

The real opportunity of
using Analytics

HookCam maximizes the operators' experience by providing them with the ability to have an eye on what used to be a blind pick. The addition of an Analytics subscription provides contractors with a cutting edge management tool that provides you with information never before available

Safety First

Minimizes risk, enhances response to critical situations, and offers a technologically advanced, cost-effective warning system


Designed to be tailored to each individual site and application in order to best address your needs

Manage Time

Using crane metrics to monitor operations not only reduces liability, but it also keeps production on schedule

Enhanced Communication

View images of the pick as they're happening from off-site, or use archived footage to evaluate incidents in order to prevent future mistakes

Simple Design

Offers a full suite of analytical information with no additional equipment required

Management Tool

Recording and reporting of crucial information allows you to establish routines for categories of picks, assign billing, and manage functions among other things

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Productivity Report: Default Operating Metrics

Analytics provides you with a report that contains the Company Name, Project Name, Project Address, and Crane Number in addition to cumulative calculators and default operating metrics including:

Pick Number

Start and End Times with Photos

Manual Write-In via CSV for Material Name, Category

Rigging, Unrigging Time

Elevation Above Grade At Time, End of Pick

Path to Pick

Total Time of Pick

Total Pick Time for the Day

Total Operating Time

Number of Picks in the Day

Billable Hours

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We appreciate your business and love to hear how our products are changing the way that you see safety!

I've driven a crane with HookCam. Now I'm driving one with Blockcam. Blockcam freezes, always cuts out and delays the picture up to ten seconds prior. It is higher resolution but cannot transmit on time. I just wanted to say HookCam puts them to shame. I prefer to use your HookCam.

Crane Operator

It's really good on that it sheds four eyes on picks instead of two.


The HookCam keeps our crews safe and allows the crane operator to see employees during the lifting activities. Without the HookCam, there's potential for accidents to happen, but with the HookCam, the crane operator can identify these hazards and avoid them.

Project Superintendent

I just wouldn't consider doing a project without a HookCam now. It's that good.

Project Manager

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We have multiple options to choose from that will fit your business's needs



Real Time Viewing

Incident Recording

Archival Access



All Features in Bronze Package and...

Utilization Reporting

Record of Daily Picks

Start and Stop Time Daily

Pick Count and Duration

Active Crane Time

Historical Pick + Utilization

Up to 3 Users Per Crane



All Features in Bronze and Silver Package and...

Material Detection (Beta)

Subcontractor Time Use

Predicting Accidents Module (Beta)

Unlimited User Count

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